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Saahil Bhargava

Originally from New York, Saahil Bhargava has lived in London and Mumbai before calling Los Angeles home. After performing in front of a crowd as a young boy, he was hooked and knew he would pursue music.

Saahil enjoys telling stories and exploring interesting concepts and emotions. All of his songs tend to be stories about characters going through emotional experiences or intense moments. He has been recognized as a music storyteller through several film festival nominations for his works, including a nomination for Best Music and Best Animation at the LA Shorts International Film Festival in 2021.

He is musically influenced by a range of artists such as Freddie Mercury, Bono, Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell to Radiohead, Muse, Keane and My Chemical Romance.


Blood-Starved Beast

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Saahil Bhargava releases new single 'Ascent'

May 2022
Indo-American rock artist Saahil Bhargava comes out all guns blazing with his newest offering, the jumpy “Ascent.”

Best New Music Of 2021

Aug 2021
Saahil Bhargava follows up LA Shorts fest nomination, alongside Paul McCartney with a new EP.

Saahil Bhargava Releases Debut EP ``Ronin``

Aug 2021
L.A. based, Mumbai-bred singer-composer worked with producer Keshav Dhar on the five-track record.


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