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Ascent is inspired by the Greek myth “Daedalus and Icarus.” Written from Daedalus’ perspective, it explores the idea of a duo with very different mindsets, with their conflicting personalities causing them to clash while they try to accomplish their shared mission.



Blood-Starved Beast, inspired by a famous horror action game. This song explores the obsession and drive that a gamer finds when stuck in a loop of an unbeatable boss. From determination to despair to anger, the story in the music video revolves around this constant struggle, as the main character tries multiple different strategies or the same strategy again and again, but to no avail.



Saahil Bhargava’s acoustic rendition of Umbra is a song from Karnivool’s second full-length record, Sound Awake. The stripped-down version of the iconic track beautifully showcases his singing and composing prowess. While his rendition of Umbra encapsulates the same emotion, it’s very distinct from the original and adds Saahil’s unique taste.



Ronin is a song about a samurai going through an emotional crisis when he is forced to make a decision on whether to execute a peasant woman who was caught stealing food for her young son. He is faced with a moral dilemma between doing what is “good” and “right” as a samurai and the orders of his lord. Ronin is the second track from Saahil’s debut EP.



Kohima focuses on the horrors and trauma of soldiers at war. Using the backdrop of the Battle of Kohima from WW2, it explores the despair and desperation that comes in the heat of a brutal battle. Kohima is an official selection in two categories at the LA Shorts International Film Festival, one of the world’s most prestigious and largest international short film festivals.



Mama is about a young woman living in an oppressive environment. As a young girl, she tries to escape, but under death threat, eventually conforms, becoming the same as her oppressors. Eventually, she has children and finds out that her children want to escape just like she once did. At first, she tries to stop them, but the children break free. While she is upset, she is also happy and hopes they realize their dreams.



Wind is the artist’s take on ‘how it might feel to live your last day’.
The song is a story about a man living his last day and the insight into how the person dying feels in their final moments. As his final
minutes’ approach, he tries to enjoy all of the beauty that surrounds him. 



Enraptured by the lyrics to “Plug-in Baby”, from the legendary Muse’s sophomore studio album, Origin Of Symmetry (2001), Saahil set out to put his own spin on the hit song. He found a way to capture his voice while being true to the original composition. The song’s relevance in today’s world seems all too real with how we are all plugged in.